October 29, 2016

Viyellatex Group takes over the Pledge Harbor International School

Chairman of Viyellatex Group, Mr. David Hasanat announced that Viyellatex Group feels proud to take over the Pledge Harbor International School (PHIS), the largest English Medium Boarding School in Bangladesh. The company’s single minded focus is to uplift Bangladesh to a global platform in every possible sphere; from that sense of responsibility towards the country and its people that Viyellatex has taken over Pledge Harbor School and Sports Academy as Pledge Harbor International School (PHIS), in an attempt to facilitate international quality education. It follows the Cambridge International Curriculum form class 3 up to A-levels.

To commemorate the event, Ahsan Kabir Khan (Group Vice Chairman of Viyellatex), Kaniz Fatema Zareen (Group Director and Chairman of PHIS), Amina Salima Khan (Group Director) were present.

Pledge Harbor International School (PHIS) is the only English medium boarding school in Bangladesh. The students in PHIS take immense amount of interest and pleasure in studies, and help them to tap their utmost potentials along with nurturing them and give them an upbringing so that they come out as a globally responsible citizen. PHIS is a hub to raise future leaders by offering the students the same standard, quality of education and extracurricular activities that they would have received if gone abroad to education.

Viyellatex Group, one of the fastest growing multi-dimensional organizations in Bangladesh, has earned a solid reputation both locally and globally in the textile and apparel sector, within a very short period of time. Apart from these, it has moved on to newer horizons in the form of logistic services, tea production, the energy and engineering sector. The company’s vision remains engrossed towards enriching Bangladesh on a Global scale.