Boarding at PHIS fosters a spirit of independence and a lifelong adoration of learning. It ensures an eminent learning experience where students would develop skills they would not typically be able to in a conventional day school. Our campus and contemporary dormitories are remarkably comfortable. Living in the secure and cozy community, students are exposed to intellectual, physical and emotional challenges, which ensure that they discover personal strengths, cultivate self-confidence and comprehend the significance of progressive mutual endeavor.

The companionships made in these residence halls will be some of the finest a student will ever have. On graduating from PHIS, students would have a formidably connected network of lifelong friends and allies.

Student safety, security and well-being are our top priority; the dormitory is divided into separate segments and gender segregated building blocks. Both the boarding houses incorporate dining facilities, medical care, gaming rooms, communal areas and prayer rooms. Experienced housemasters live in each block and support the boys and girls in their studies, organization and overall welfare. Our experienced lady housemasters maintain the female dormitories and halls of residence.