February 18, 2023

PYP Safari Park Trip 2023

There is always some buzz in the PYP foyer when our students find an opportunity to discover and learn outside the four walls of the classroom. A field trip to the Safari Park Gazipur was one such moment where our learners from KG, Gr 1, 2, and 3 & 5 learned about the rules and regulations of the park and information about the animals and their dwellings.
A walk through the butterfly and the bird sanctuary, and the bus safari tour to see the Royal Bengal Tiger, lions, buffalos, giraffes, white tigers, deer, bears, and many more animals roaming freely in their natural habitat was a treat to the eyes. Our learners witnessed the life cycle of a butterfly as they saw larvae and pupae in real. They were in awe of these fierce animals and loved seeing them up close.
A picnic lunch in the park & seeing the white tiger and the Royal Bengal tiger running in front of the Safari Bus was the highlight of the day! A small museum with a few preserved birds, animals, and reptiles were unique to our students.
The objective of visiting the Safari Park and reflecting upon learning, and tuning into the units was an incredible learning experience. The learners left the park with a newfound appreciation for wildlife and the importance of preserving their terrain. They can now talk about peace and conflict in nature.
We like to thank our teachers, Ms Sifat, Ms Roana, Ms Priyangshu, Ms Surovi, Ms Faria and Ms Mumtaz, Ms Ayesha and Mr Shiful, and two of our nannies, Ms Meem and Ms Shamima for making the trip a memorable one for our young learners.