June 13, 2023

PYP Exhibition 2023

On June 8th, Pledge Harbor International School in Bangladesh successfully concluded the highly anticipated Primary Years Programme Exhibition and Student-led- Conference. The PYP Exhibition centered around the theme “How We Express Ourselves” through Art & Expression. The event was graced by the presence of Ms Kaniz Zareen, the Head of School, along with the Senior Management Team and the Consultant for Marketing and Administration.
The PYPX featured captivating performances that showcased various art forms and expressions. It includes the mesmerizing Bharatanatyam dance, the melodious Jaltarang instrument, a poetic symphony of Bengali rhythms, nostalgic melodies from the 70s, and a dynamic rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Additionally, energetic aerobics routines and an insightful presentation on the students’ PYP journey were part of the program. These remarkable showcases served as a reminder to the students that they can achieve their dreams through discipline, determination, and dedication.
The exhibits skillfully portrayed the creative process behind the PYPX and effectively addressed important Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as Climate Change, Zero Hunger, Poverty Eradication, Quality Education, Peace & Justice, and Sustainable Cities and Communities. The audience was captivated and maintained their attention and interest throughout.
We take immense pride in our students, the HRT Ms Mumtaz Masuda and the subject specialists, Ms Surovi Jahan, Ms Ayesha Sara Siddiqua, Ms Luthfun Nahar, Ms Reasad Alam Roana, Mr Masud Rana, Mr Amit Hasan and Mr Shiful Islam for putting up an exhibition of this magnitude!
We extend our best wishes to our fifth-grade students as they embark on their MYP Journey. Their presence will be dearly missed at the school.
A significant turnout of parents was observed at the Student-Led-Conference (SLC), which concluded on a positive and successful note.