February 28, 2024


Sports day is one of the most important events in the academic calendar of PHIS since the beginning. At Pledge Harbor International School it is called “Pledge-A-thon”. PHIS strongly believes that physical activities and sports not only compliment academic performance but also help to develop leadership qualities, determination, mental resilience, communication and social skills. PHIS employ this as an opportunity to bring the entire PHIS community under one umbrella and display their athletic excellence.
This academic year’s Pledge-A-thon has been competed on 22nd of February, 2024 in a befitting manner. As usual there were different track and field events for the students of K-12. It had events for the parents, all the staff (teachers, dorm masters & admin staff) and support staff of PHIS as well. One of the highlight of this year’s Pledge-A-Thon was the PT display by the students of PYP. This year’s fastest runner (the Best Athlete) award was won by Sadiq Bin Muzahid of grade 12 and the fastest girl was won by Zara Khan of grade 12. Tug of war trophy was won by Pluto House and the March past trophy was won the Mars house. The most coveted Champion House trophy was won by the point table topper house Pluto. Congratulations to the entire PHIS community. Bye, bye till the next Pledge-A-thon.