February 09, 2024

PHIFT’ 2023

The Pledge Harbor Inter School Football Tournament 2023 got underway with a bang on February 9th! With tight security and excitement in the air, 13 schools brought 24 teams to compete. Inaugurated by Mr. Ahsan Kabir Khan, Vice Chairman of Viyellatex Group, the event was nothing short of spectacular. Simultaneously, our chief guest unveiled the PHIS Yearbook commemorating the decade-long odyssey of Pledge Harbor.
The tournament atmosphere bore a resemblance to the excitement of ‘The Triwizard Tournament’ from the ‘Harry Potter’ series. Matches unfolded across various categories, including U-12, U-16, Girls U-18, and U-19, showcasing both skill and sportsmanship with some being easy victories and others fiercely contested. U-12 made their tournament debut and reached the finals, a moment of immense pride for everyone involved!
As day 2 unfolded, the competition intensified, with teams displaying resilience amidst victories and defeats. One of the most intense and thrilling encounters of the event was the U-19 match between PHIS and Manarat Dhaka School & College. PHIS clinched the U-19 title, while Masco Kanchan’s U-16, Delhi Public School, Dhaka’s U-12, and PHIS’s Girls U-18 teams emerged champions in their respective categories.
The runner-up positions were filled by the Manarat Dhaka School & College U-19 team and Masco Kanchan’s U-18 girls team, alongside PHIS’s U-16 and U-12 teams. Our Chief Guest, Mr. Amir Hasanat, Director of Viyellatex Group, presented the medals and trophies and officially concluded the tournament.
As PHIFT 2023 draws to a close, it is important to commend the dedication and sportsmanship displayed by all the participating teams. Looking ahead, we anticipate another thrilling tournament next year, where teams will once again gather to celebrate the essence of sports and camaraderie.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors for their invaluable contributions in making this tournament an unforgettable experience.