As a growing international boarding school with a diverse faculty and global ethos, it is not surprising that our school attracts students from or with links to countries all around the world.

  • Q. Can we have a tour of the school?

    Yes, with prior appointment from 9.00am to 4.00pm.

  • Q. What is the difference between Cadet College and PHIS?

    Cadet college has a more strict routine with rules and regulations maintained in defence academy. PHIS also follows strict rules but the teachers are like guides/mentors and have more informal ways of handling and mentoring students.

  • Q. Is the school Sports oriented, like BKSP?

    No. Sports are added advantages for students.

  • Q. Where is the school situated?

    It is in Mawna, Gazipur. It is about 6 km left from the main Gazipur Chowrasta.

  • Q. How long does it take to commute from the city?

    About 2 and a half hours drive from Dhaka in the Peak hour. And about 1 and a half hours during the early hours when there is less traffic.

  • Q. What is the total student capacity?

    About 1080 students.

  • Q. When does the academic session begin?

    From August till June.

  • Q. What happens to the students who complete half of the session in the previous school?

    They will have to repeat the class for the next six months. They will be promoted to the next class in August after appearing the final exams in June.

  • Q. Apart from Dhaka do you have any other branches around the world?


  • Q. Who is the Chairperson of this institution?

    Chairperson is Ms. Kaneez Fatema Zareen of Viyellatex Group

  • Q. How many students are there per class?

    We will have only 20 students per class.

  • Q. How many sections will you have per class?

    4 sections per class.

  • Q. Where are the teachers from?

    80% teachers are being recruited from abroad. 20% teachers will be recruited locally.

  • Q. What is the admission procedure?

    You can buy the admission form from our PHIS Dhaka Office by paying Tk 550/or download the form from our website.The payment can be done in one bank (any branch). Next, the admissions office will send you a date for the test. The child has to sit for Bangla, English and Math test and obtain minimum 60% marks to qualify. Payment at the time of admission is subject to management approval.

  • Q. How much do you have to pay as Annual charge?

    Informed after admissions.

  • Q. What are the subjects the students have to appear for?

    English, Bangla and Math of the current class level.

  • Q. What is the passing percentage?

    Minimum 60%.

  • Q. After submission of the admission form when will the child appear for his test?

    The admission office will inform you the date. It will not be more than two working days

  • Q. When can we know the result?

    Within 2 working days.

  • Q. Whom should we contact for admissions?

    PHIS Admissions Office, Lotus Kamal Tower One, 57 Zoarshahara C/A, Level-2, Nikunja-2 (North), New Airport Road,Dhaka-1229. Cell: 01935 199738 & 01677 148663

  • Q. How can we get the forms?

    On website of Pledge Harbor or from the PHIS Admissions Office.

  • Q. Can a student of Bangla/ English version get admitted into the school?


  • Q. My child is very good in sports but he lacks interest is education, is that enough for the school?

    The child has to qualify the admission test by acquiring minimum 60%.

  • Q. How much are you charging for the admission form?

    It is TK 550

  • Q. Where do we submit the fee?

    If you buy it from PHIS Admissions office, you can pay it there. The person receiving the money will provide you the receipt. If you download from the website, you have to pay the amount in One Bank. Upon payment you will receive the receipts.

  • Q. What is the term of payment?

    Total Annual payment can be paid in two instalments only. One in May and one in November.

  • Q. How much is the VAT?


  • Q. Is VAT charged individually or should we include it with the total fee?

    On total Term fee

  • Q. Will you have a counsellor for the energetic/ hyper/ week/ disciplinary issues/ introvert students?


  • Q. Will an employee of PHIS get a waiver/ discount on any kind of charges or fees for their children?


  • Q. Will the special need students get extra help by the tutors?


  • Q. Will you be having Doctors and nurses in the campus?

    Yes, they are available 24x7

  • Q. How will you tackle emergency medical help?

    Our school is affiliated with a hospital in the city. An ambulance will be there in the campus to treat emergency cases.

  • Q. Will the students have their own mobile / laptops?

    Mobile phones are not allowed but students are required to have their own laptops from grade 6 onwards.

  • Q. If a parent wishes to talk to the child, will he/she get the permission to carry a mobile with him?

    No, but can call the office informing a specific time when the parents want to speak to the child and later the child can be informed about it.

  • Q. Can the children watch television?

    Yes, certainly.

  • Q. Will the teachers be with the students in the dorm at night to look after their needs?

    Yes, they will have roster duties.

  • Q. Will the Muslim students get facility to pray at the mosque on Fridays?

    Yes, certainly.

  • Q. Will Non Muslim students have a prayer room?


  • Q. Where will the teachers and other management personnel live?

    In the apartment near to the dorm.

  • Q. How will you monitor the students when they are in the dorm at night?

    We have housemasters for 24X7 and CCTV cameras.

  • Q. How will you control on Drug/ Smoking/ other disciplinary issues?

    Zero tolerance. Monitoring will be done regularly. Regular checks up by doctors are done.

  • Q. How will you monitor the students’ attendance?

    Swapping cards will be there for attendance which will be recorded in the computers.

  • Q. What measures have you taken to stop a child getting out of the campus without permission?

    Monitor will be set and strict vigilance on the students’ whereabouts will be monitored.

  • Q. How will you ensure that the authorize personnel has come to drop/ take the students for holidays/ weekend visit?

    School maintains an authorization file which will contain the photographs of concerned personnel responsible for the child.

  • Q. How will you monitor the entry and exit of people visiting the campus?

    Logbook and CCTV are there for monitoring purpose around the campus.

  • Q. If both my children get admitted, will I get any type of discount?

    Yes. Sibling discount is there.

  • Q. Will the children of management personnel or faculty get Discount/waiver/scholarship?


  • Q. If an underprivileged child, who is a brilliant student applies; will he get scholarship?

    Yes, if the child is meritorious.

  • Q. Are you providing children with ACs in the Dorm?


  • Q. How many students will share one room?

    Four (4) students from 3-10 grade & three (3) students in 11 & 12 grade

  • Q. How will you ensure that the students are all disciplined?

    Vigilant duties.

  • Q. Can students go out with parents on weekend for an entire day?

    Yes. Students are allowed to go out with parents for whole day on Fridays/Saturdays only. However, they need to take a pass from Principal’s office. Students need to reach campus before dinner (at 7 pm).

  • Q. Will the school have buses for the students to commute from Mauna to Dhaka?

    Yes. Last weekend of every month (except July).

  • Q. Can the parents avail buses to commute from Dhaka to Mowna?


  • Q. Whom should we contact to inquire about the admission process/ scholarships/ waiver?

    Head of Admissions or Assistant Manager at PHIS Dhaka Office.

  • Q. Whom should we contact to inquire about the academic related issues?

    Head of Operations and Planning at the PHIS Dhaka Office or Head of School in campus.

  • Q. Regarding recruiting of teachers and management personnel, whom should we contact?

    Head of HR or HR Manager at the PHIS Dhaka Office.

  • Q. Want to visit the campus, on reaching there, who should be the first contact person?

    Mr. Rinku Costa, Admission Officer, Cell: +8801677148663, +880 1935 199738

  • Q. If on an emergency situation, I need to take my child home, whom should I contact first?

    Principal’s Office

  • Q. During the weekdays if I need to talk or visit my child, whom should I take permission from?

    Principal’s Office

  • Q. What time would the school start?

    School starts at 8 in the morning.

  • Q. What will be their daily routine?

    Given in the student Handbook

  • Q. What if any child falls sick or for any unavoidable circumstances cannot attend classes, how will he catch up with the makeup classes?

    Make up classes will be taken. Extra help will be provided by the subject teachers.

  • Q. Will there be any specific prayer time for the students?

    Yes. They will be informed about the prayer timings.

  • Q. What is the difference between BKSP and this school?

    PHIS is an international boarding school following international rules & regulations where sports is an added advantage.

  • Q. Will you give any special training to the high achievers in Sports?