March 07, 2024

NES Japan and PHIS Collaboration

For the second consecutive year on 7th March 2024, an inspiring exhibit of international collaboration unfolded as Nihonbashi Elementary School Japan and Pledge Harbor International School came together in the virtual world. NES Japan dazzled with a captivating dance performance while PHIS enriched the cultural exchange with vibrant Bangla song presentations. The event served as a bridge fostering deeper cultural understanding and a shared passion for learning.
Students from both schools took center stage, sharing insights into various aspects of their lives. They delved into topics ranging from the latest anime trends to popular foods, beloved animals, music preferences, and the daily routines at their respective schools. Through lively discussions, students exchanged details about their during and after-school activities, offering glimpses into the fun and educational experiences unique to each institution.
Our students were enthralled by the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture, with the panthers from PHIS providing a vivid portrayal of typical village scenes and countryside life. It was a fun day of learning about Japanese culture and making new friends from afar. As we progress through our school journey, we rejoice in each step we take!