February 21, 2024

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day is celebrated on February 21st to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and highlight the importance of mother languages. At Pledge Harbor International School, we believe in the significance of this day and strive to create awareness among our students about the language movement of Bangladesh.
To commemorate this day, we organized various activities and events to educate and engage our students. Our students showcased their creativity by creating vibrant street murals under the guidance of our art faculties, symbolizing our commitment to preserving linguistic diversity.
In the morning, the school community and staff participated in a traditional morning procession called “Probhat Pheri.” Carrying banners and placards promoting mother languages, we marched towards the school’s Shaheed Minar to pay tribute to the Language Martyrs and their noble cause.
Following the procession, a cultural program was organized by our cultural committee. Students showcased their talents through performances such as songs, dances, poetry recitations, and drama, all centered around the theme of linguistic diversity and the importance of Mother Language Day.
By commemorating this important day, we aim to inspire our students to become advocates for the preservation and promotion of mother languages, both within our school community and in the wider world.