February 03, 2024

IB Multiprogramme Evaluation

Tranquillity, excitement, and diligence characterized the atmosphere at Pledge Harbor International School for a year and a half leading up to the conclusion of the Multiprogramme Evaluation in January 2024.
The International Baccalaureate Organization has a unique approach to evaluating schools, focusing on progress and development rather than the pass-or-fail concept. A comprehensive three-day evaluation of the Diploma Programme, Middle Years Programme, and Primary Years Programme not only observed the advancement of our school but also garnered praise for every member of our community. We were honoured to host Ms Suman Sethi, a Senior IB World Schools Manager, and Mr Patrick Ong, an MYP Programme and Team Leader, along with Evaluation Leaders for all three programmes. Under the guidance of our Head of School, Ms. Kaniz Zareen, our DP Coordinator led the evaluation process in collaboration with MYP and PYP Coordinators and a planning committee made up of educators and administrators, with contributions from our parent body and community.
The preliminary report submitted in September 2023 met all IB expectations, boosting morale for the final IB visit in January 2024. Surveys and orientations were conducted to gather feedback from stakeholders, and action plans were developed based on the findings to enhance alignment between programmes, ensure consistency in teaching practices, and improve student learning outcomes.
Professional development sessions were held to share findings and promote collaboration among educators. Through focused efforts and strategic planning, coherence across programmes was improved. We take pride in meeting the requirements and expectations of the IBO and remain committed to ongoing evaluation and improvement at Pledge Harbor International School in Bangladesh.
All’s Well That Ends Well; the evaluation team was impressed by our school’s execution of all three programmes and the dedication shown by our students and teachers. They also noted our school’s significant community service efforts, recognizing PHIS as an exceptional IB school.