December 02, 2023

CAS visit to Upo Anushanik Primary School

Students from Pledge Harbor International School participated in a CAS visit to Upo Anushanik Primary School, a local institution for underprivileged children. The primary goal of the visit was to bring awareness about the significance of handwashing among the students of Upo Anushanik Primary School, aligning with their CAS service objectives. Demonstrating the commitment to IB CAS goals, our students actively engaged in activities, including creating a Bangla song that conveyed the proper handwashing steps. This interactive approach not only facilitated understanding but also made the learning experience enjoyable for the Upo Anushanik Primary School students. Our students designed vibrant and informative posters illustrating handwashing steps and their health implications, serving as visual aids to reinforce the importance of this hygiene practice. As a gesture of compassion, PHIS students provided hand wash and hand towels to their peers at Upo Anushanik Primary School, contributing essential resources for proper hand hygiene. The day was filled with productivity and valuable experiences.