November 29, 2023

CAS stands for Creativity

CAS is a mandatory component of IBDP and CAS stands for Creativity, Activity and Service. One of the main goals of CAS is to instill international mindedness, self-reliance, reflectiveness and caringness among the learners.
As part of their CAS experiences the students DP2 led by the Sports Captain Samiul Haque came up with the idea of organizing a sports tournament for the support staff of the school. The objective is to appreciate their service and provide them with the scope for recreation. So the students DP2 organized a series of Football matches for the support staff of PHIS. The end product of the initiative was the matches. But in the background, the learners had to take approval of the CAS Lead Mr Imtiaz Ahmad and the DPC Ms Sujata Chowdhury.
After getting the approval they made a checklist of the responsibilities to organize to event and assigned themselves. It started with interviewing the support staff (Kitchen staff, Housekeeping staff and security personnel) to know their preferences, framing bylaws for the matches and having team meetings, finalizing the awards and sending requisition for those, organizing ground set up and refreshments for the matches, officiating matches and keeping the scores, doing commentary etc. to make occasion entertaining for the support staff of the beloved school. It can easily be stated that the event was a success as the main stakeholders of the initiative looked happy and cheerful at the end of the matches.
Kudos to the students of DP2 for providing such well well-thought-out & meaningful CAS experience.