April 25, 2024

Astronomy Event at PHIS

On the mesmerizing evening of 25th April 2024 Thursday at Pledge Harbor International School (PHIS), students and teachers gathered to witness a remarkable astronomy event organized by the Dhrubotara Astronomy Organization. The event, graced by the presence of Mr. Ongon Rahman, the esteemed founder of the organization, promised an unforgettable experience under the enchanting glow of a full moon. The astronomy event commenced at 9pm, as the moon illuminated the night sky with its radiant presence. Students and teachers eagerly assembled to embark on a celestial journey, exploring the wonders of the universe. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and curiosity, as everyone prepared to delve into the mysteries of the cosmos.
As part of the event, the attendees were privileged to virtually interact with a renowned Hollywood movie director, Mr. Jeffrey Morris. Known for his expertise in creating captivating science-fiction movies, Mr. Jeffrey Morris shared his insights and experiences with the enthusiastic audience. Students and teachers were captivated as they watched an exclusive trailer of his upcoming movie Peresphone, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5y98s7XzUk which showcased the marvels of space exploration. The highlight of the evening was the interactive session with Mr. Jeffery Morris. Students eagerly posed questions, seeking to unravel the secrets behind the creation of science-fiction movies. Mr. Morris graciously shared his knowledge and provided valuable advice to aspiring filmmakers and astronomy enthusiasts alike. The virtual interaction allowed the attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the intersection between astronomy and the world of cinema.
Following the enlightening conversation with Mr. Morris, students participated in an engaging quiz session focused on astronomy. The quiz aimed to test their knowledge and ignite their passion for the celestial realm. For every correct answer, participants were rewarded with official stickers from NASA, symbolizing their achievement and dedication to the study of astronomy.
The astronomy event at Pledge Harbor International School, organized by the Dhrubotara Astronomy Organization, proved to be an extraordinary experience for all attendees. Under the luminous full moon, students and teachers immersed themselves in the wonders of the universe, gaining insights from both Mr. Ongon Rahman and Hollywood director Mr. Jeffery Morris. The event not only fostered a love for astronomy but also provided a platform for students to engage with industry professionals and expand their horizons.