March 02, 2024

Annual MYP Exhibition!

Pledge Harbor International School MYP students successfully organized the Annual MYP Exhibition yesterday, Saturday, 2 March 2024. They showcased a range of skills that involved various subjects. These flexible skills feature academic abilities that go beyond the classrooms. Among the highlights of the programme includes a lively performance of a Spanish song, Alvaro Soler’s Mira Sofia by MYP 2 students, a humorous Bangla skit, Sukumar Ray’s Jiboner Hisab by MYP 3 students, and a heart-wrenching English musical performance by the MYP 4 students based on The Epic Musical by Jorge Rivera-Herrans that is inspired by Homer’s Odysseus. There were also a slew of original poetry and song performances from MYP 3-5 students, showing the students’ creativity and imagination.
It was also a show of modernity as students created and showcased short films that synthesize their learnings in Design as well as how they are taking part in global conversations to reduce climate change in Individuals & Societies. Students showcased each grade’s Service As Action activities and MYP 5 Personal Projects. These projects were testaments to their ability to integrate all the ATL Skills into their curriculum. At the end of the event, parents and visitors were encouraged to participate in a quiz on Mentimeter to choose the right solutions to the real world problems related to global warming and climate change. Students also demonstrated a remarkable display of skills and creativity in presenting engaging Science, Math, and Sports activities in their classrooms.
The event was graced by the presence of Head of School, Mrs. Kaniz Zareen, members of the Senior Management Team, parents, teachers, and students.