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Our well-equipped science laboratories enable students to develop their methodical skills and become theoretically and practically advanced. Our laboratories are well supervised and proper safety protections are maintained at all times for the welfare of students. PHIS’s modern science & IT labs are all connected with wireless Internet access.

There are four separate international standard laboratories in the school for Chemistry, Biology, Physics and one for the middle school. The abundant resources available in these laboratories help accomplish the science experiments with ease. There are six large working tables in each lab with a sink, two gas valves and six power sockets in each table. Twenty-four students can be accommodated into each lab at a time by providing a safe environment with necessary space and resources for each student.

All the three labs are equipped with the following protective gears:

  • eye protection and lab coats
  • eye wash station
  • shower
  • fire blanket
  • fire extinguisher
  • gas shut-off
  • fire hose reel placed outside the labs

Each lab has a storage room and a preparation area to store and prepare the chemicals and the equipment, before giving to the students. The storeroom and the actual workstations are adjacent and separate, inaccessible to students. There is an adequate cabinet space to store laboratory equipment and supplies. A refrigerator is available in the storage room in the Biology lab to keep biological samples chilled or frozen.

Chemistry lab is equipped with a fume cupboard to facilitate some experiments, avoiding direct contamination. Lab coats and eye protection gears are provided to every student during the laboratory hours.