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The PHIS library is a center for literacy and research, a place that fosters and celebrates the love of reading, and acts as a learning and social hub for the whole school community. The library is spread over three floors of sprawling space. It has grown over the years, and now holds over 9000 books of very good quality, up-to-date, and popular titles from both fiction and non-fiction categories.


The ground floor is earmarked for PYP which includes Kindergarten to Grade 5. Each class in the Primary School visits the library once during the week for story times and other literacy activities with the librarian. These lessons increase children’s confidence and enjoyment of reading, open up reading choices and offer opportunities for young students to share their reading experiences and at the same time, raise the status of reading as a creative activity.

PYP Library


The first floor serves the MYP students from Grades 6 to 10. All the grades visit the library once a week and lessons on information literacy are imparted to them through interesting activities. The library strives to promote language skills through independent reading and teach the students how to access print resources as well as Internet sites. Grade 10 students are provided the skills, ideas, resources and support that they need to complete their Personal Project.

MYP Library


The top floor of the library has been designed to give the Diploma Programme students the privacy to do their independent study and research. At the same time, they also have a time tabled library lesson where the students learn to write academic essays and the right way to cite the sources and prepare bibliographies.

DP Library

Our well stocked libraries and reading room provides a comfortable environment for student research and learning. With an extensive collection of over 9000 books, e-books, records and documents from all around the world, our library encourages and facilitates students to be aware of global art, culture, music, literature, science and all genres of worldwide disciplines. All students can also access our modern online library and read our wide assortment of e-books and online documents in their laptops & tablets.

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