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Message from Head of School and Chairperson

At PHIS, we look at the children as part of a family. We live, work & learn with them. We educate them in academics, life and social skills, accepting differences, emotional understanding, and how their actions impact our society.

Academically, we continue focusing on our subjects, discipline and emphasis on preparing our students for the IB Diploma Programme and life beyond school. We believe that the focus should not only be on academics & grades, but also on the lifelong skills, abilities and values, that are imperative while facing challenges in our continuously changing world. In non-academic areas, our school is progressing in numerous directions this year; we are inspiring our students to initiate innovative activities & events to develop their leadership skills at all levels and increase their exposure in nationwide competitions.

We are extremely enthusiastic about the innovative zones our school is embarking on and we are eager to remain working closely with our parents to magnify the quality of our tutelage.

Kaniz Fatema Zareen

Head of School and Chairperson