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About – Pledge Harbor International School
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'The mission of PHIS is to challenge and enable students to reach their individual potential in mind, body and spirit while building responsible global citizens'.

Educational Philosophy

At Pledge Harbor we advocate the concept of ‘positive education’, which instills optimistic mindset among growing students. Students are schooled with exclusive proficiencies, to be cultivated into distinct individuals with leadership abilities. Your children are not just your heirs; they also inherit a nation poised to grow spectacularly. Hence, at PHIS, we work towards building relationships, steering positive sentiments and developing individual resilience. We believe that youthful minds are pliable and thus we put forth our paramount efforts into nurturing our students towards being confident analytical thinkers and dynamic leaders.

Our internationally certified teachers ensure constant guidance and support both within and beyond the classroom. Students are fostered to be critical and analytical thinkers, work collaboratively to solve problems, take and defend positions and opinions, and reflect on their learning. Incorporation of real life activities and problems in lessons helps students to become 21st century thinkers capable of being successful in a wide variety of fields of studies and careers. The classroom environment, teacher-student interaction and teaching methods are all carefully designed for students to develop a lifelong love of learning. PHIS’s spacious and digitally equipped classrooms enable students to be more than spectators, developing as active participants in their own education. We strive to keep our library, modern Science and IT labs up to date with wireless technology support throughout campus.